Science Fiction

Unboil That Egg!

Oh, come on, now! We can unboil an egg. UNBOIL. What kind of strange magic is this? And…

Yes, There Really Are Glowing Mushrooms!

So you know all those video games like Skyrim that have glowing mushrooms? Well, they’re kinda real. They…

Scientists Are Going to Reverse Death

And so the zombie apocalypse begins… Truly. You can’t make this up any better. Can death be reversed?…

Proof of a Parallel Universe?

Say what? Proof of a parallel universe? I see story fodder! Scientists believe they may have discovered evidence…

Paralyzed at Sunset

These two boys are out at sunset, and no one knows why. It’s certainly baffling, but it’s also…

Brine Pools: Lakes in the Sea

Of course, most of you know what brine pools are, but sometimes I think we all need a…

We’ve Translated Bat Talk!

Wow! We have translated the bat language, and it seems like we probably wish we hadn’t. It’s just…

“Virtual Particles” Only Exist Sometimes

I have to be honest here. I have no idea what any of this actually means, but it…

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Long as in 2800 years. They were found like this at an archaeological site in Iran. There has…

Turkey City Lexicon

A fantastic and fun reference article for common problems. (One of my faves is the Tom Swifty!)

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