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Book Birthday: Infinity’s Bargain by D. Scott Johnson

Belated happy book birthday, Scott! Infinity’s Bargain was released August 21, 2022, and it’s the fifth book in the Gemini Gambit series. Book 6 is now underway!

Mail Call: Death’s Harvest by D. Scott Johnson

I know I just told you about this book birthday three days ago, but look what I got…

Harvard Says Oumuamua May Be an Alien Probe

So there’s this big cigar-shaped thing that passed us by in January of 2018. One that seemed rather…

The Thorny Devil Has Built-In Straws

This desert lizard sucks water through microscopic channels in its skin up to its mouth like a built-in…

Baby Anacondas Born At New England Aquarium — Without Any Male Snakes Involved

The arrival of the baby anacondas took aquarium staffers by surprise: They were born in an exhibit that…

Secret Nazi Bases on Mars!

Secret Space Program whistleblower, “Corey” Goode (aka GoodETxSG), has revealed astounding details involving classified activities on Mars and…

Be Inspired: Treehoppers’ Bizarre, Wondrous Helmets Use Wing Genes to Grow

These bugs have growths called helmets, and they can look like just about anything…including poop! But they’re causing…

Robots Made Entirely Of Living Cells

We’re getting closer and closer to accepting our robot overlords! When science fiction inspires science. Scientists have created…

Mail Call: Child of the Fall by D. Scott Johnson

Look what came in the mail today! It’s hard to believe we’re on to book 4, now! Check…

Book Birthday: Child of the Fall by D. Scott Johnson

Happy book birthday to D. Scott Johnson! Book 3 of the Gemini Gambit series, Child of the Fall, is available now!


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