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Mail Call: Death’s Harvest by D. Scott Johnson

I know I just told you about this book birthday three days ago, but look what I got in the mail yesterday! Death’s Harvest was released December 9, 2020. This is his fourth book, and coincidentally, it’s also our fourth book together. We’ve already started on the fifth book, and it’s gonna be awesome! If you haven’t yet started this series, what are you waiting for? It’s near-future sci-fi where things go BOOM!

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Death's Harvest by D. Scott Johnson, Gemini Gambit: Book 4. A dark and misty image with a bluish tint and a gritty feel of a woman's face with goggles on her head and a breathing mask over her nose and mouth is in 3/4 view on the right with a dark city skyline and a silhouette of a group of people and a stingray-like spaceship above the group.
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