Marketing 104 for Indie Authors : Email Content

You love your book. You have set up your funnels and done your list builder. You’re ready to send your first newsletter. What do you write?

Include Personal Anecdotes

These can be stories about your writing process. Stories about your book signings, stories about how you are dealing with the pandemic. Whatever. But people are signed up for the newsletter to get to know you better. Let them. I posted a video in my newsletter that was an important inspiration to my plot and explained why. These types of details help your readers to get a “behind the scenes” look at what you are doing and establish a connection with you.

Include a Fun Recurring Item

You might want to choose odd words to define each time. Or include a fun comic about mysteries or writing. You can include a funny meme, an interesting video, or a cool trivia fact. Whatever it is, be consistent.

Include News & Reviews

Are you working on a new book? Have you written a blog post? Are you going to a conference? Have you entered any contests? Let your readers know what what you are up to. Share all reviews with them, good and bad, so they can see what others have to say about your work. You can also include reviews you have written of books in your genre.

Include a Buy Link

Always add in a BUY NOW link to your book. Don’t assume the people on your newsletter have read it. Include the cover and the blurb as well. Don’t make your readers click, send them right to the book to purchase it.

Include Freebies & Deals

If you do newsletter swaps or participate in group promotions , include those links as well. Make sure to add quality images of any books you are promoting. For group deals, if there isn’t an image, you can make one for it. I once made an image for a group deal I was part of and offered it to the host. He gave me a featured spot in the promotion when I offered to let him use it!

Special Offers & Contests

If you run a giveaway as promotion or have a special offer for your fans, make sure to send those out in your newsletter. I’ve offered bookmarks to my readers if they send me their address and given them the chance to purchase signed paperbacks. These types of promotions can be very fulfilling for you as an author, as you see who responds.

Include Your Email Address

If you don’t have one, set up an email to use as your author email. Make sure to respond to all emails, and offer reasons for your readers to write to you. Ask them questions. Make sure they know they can contact you and you will respond. They will be thrilled to hear from you!

All right, that’s it for my basic series on Marketing for Indie Authors. There are many more ways to market to your readers, but I wanted to cover the very basics with you. If you have questions, hit me up on Twitter @redtoadmedia or shoot me an email at

Happy writing!

Read the beginning of this series here.

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