Active vs. Passive Voice

The next in my attempt to add all those pesky things you get in your crits that you don’t understand:  active vs. passive voice.

Here is a series of explanations and samples from good ol’ Purdue University.  Just keep clicking “next resource” to see the next set of examples.

Grammar Girl also has some stuff to say about it and tips.

And this is from Daily Writing Tips.

Dark Angel also has some helpful things to say.*

And there you have it.  Helpful examples, tips and tricks.  It’s always nice to have it explained.

It should be noted that I did look for agent or published authors but as it was late, several different variations of searches and clicking through the first few pages of each of them yielded no results so I gave up so I could go to bed.  If I ever find any, I will be sure to add them.

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