Proof of a Parallel Universe?

Say what? Proof of a parallel universe? I see story fodder! Scientists believe they may have discovered evidence…

The Great New England Vampire Panic

Oh, for crying out loud, if this doesn’t scream story idea, then I don’t know what does. A…

Paralyzed at Sunset

These two boys are out at sunset, and no one knows why. It’s certainly baffling, but it’s also…

Brine Pools: Lakes in the Sea

Of course, most of you know what brine pools are, but sometimes I think we all need a…

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Long as in 2800 years. They were found like this at an archaeological site in Iran. There has…

Literal Tree Houses!

Not a house in a tree, but a literal treehouse! Apparently stump houses were a thing. And really, who…


Scientists don’t really have much to tell about them. There hasn’t been a practical application found for them….

Japan’s Unit 731 

It’s the site of some awful human experiments in Japan from 1935–1945. Estimates of up to 250,000 victims…

The Ancient Torquetum

Are you a fan of Warehouse 13? Or maybe The Librarians? If you love ancient artifacts, write an…

Bronze Age Battles Were No Joke

Possibly thousands of warriors fought in a single battle that spanned three kilometers in the Bronze Age. What…

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