Libraries Lend Record Numbers of Ebooks and Audiobooks in 2015 | Digital Book World

It’s pretty impressive for an industry no one thought would mean anything. I’m honestly not sure how that…

Because Cthulhu Wallpaper!

Hubs would kill me. I can’t say I’m not tempted anyway. Would it be a work expense? You…

There Is A Trench In Loch Ness!

This just came through my feed as I was getting all angsty about football screwing up my X-Files…

The Science of Teleporting

Everybody loves a good teleportation explanation, right? According to this team, we can retrieve quantum information from a…

Young Blood Makes You Younger

Ew. But interesting, and let’s try to take this somewhere that isn’t a vampire story. Researchers in the…

Neil Gaiman | Cool Stuff | Short Stories | The Return of the Thin White Duke

Neil Gaiman wrote some David Bowie fan fiction and posted it to his blog. Not to be missed!…

Because Neil Gaiman

Everyone needs a Neil Gaiman story over the holidays, right?

Author Sends Apology To All Self-Published Authors

Author Natalie Whipple offers up an apology to indies. Very sweet, and I think it won’t be the…

The Storyboard

I was fortunate enough to see a few panels at Comic-Con with Patrick Rothfuss (also providing me the…

Fave O’ The Day! #amwriting

Cheryl Murphy is Asian with brown hair in a single braid and a smirk.

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