strange science

The Mystery of Oxygen and the White Dwarf

Sounds like a weird scifi-fantasy mashup that could really take off… ‘Very strange’: White dwarf star with 99.9%…

Movies That Kill!

Remember The Ring? Looks like your TV really could kill you by way of an anticoagulant called factor…

Jellyfish Landing

What could cause thousands of jellyfish to wash up on beaches in a single day? I can think…

Hail Hydra, the Immortal

Okay I’ve already got stories rolling around in my head on this one. I just hope we don’t…

Cotard Delusion

It’s also known as “walking corpse syndrome.” It’s a mental illness that makes a person believe they are…

Parasite Hijacks Chimps’ Brains And Makes Them More Likely To Be Killed By A Leopard | IFLScience

Just in case you didn’t have enough zombie origin stories.

The Mushroom That Bleeds

So if the octopus stinkhorn didn’t creep you out just a little, maybe some bleeding mushrooms will. Check…

Devil’s Finger Fungus Hatch Like a Xenomorph Egg 

This fungus is just nuts. It’s creepy and red and charred looking. It’s also called an octopus stinkhorn….

Volcanic Lightning

Lightning and lava. Let that sink in for a moment. Could be a title, no? Few phenomena can…

Lluvia de Peces: The “Rain of Fish”

Fish. Falling from the sky. No lie. Work that into a story! Fish raining from the sky are…

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