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Save That A**hole

Today, we’re going to talk about characters. All stories root for someone to stop being an a**hole. Maybe the person doesn’t realize they are being an a**hole. Maybe they do. But at the heart of every story, we want the character to get their sh*t together. To overcome their basic internal garbage and rise above their circumstances and win.

Zombie Rules

Ah, the rules that never existed, yet live on as if they had and refuse to die. Free…

Cheryl Murphy is Asian with brown hair in a single braid and a smirk.

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science fiction (SF), fantasy, interstitial, urban fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, mannerpunk, young adult (YA), new adult (NA), women’s fiction, middle grade (MG), romance, paranormal romance (PNR), horror, splatterpunk, thriller, action, mystery, comedy, literary fiction, satire, erotica, memoir, self help, graphic novels, comic books, scripts, blogs, and websites.

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